7 Ways Enterprises Use Wickr to Keep Their Most Critical Information Secure

Enterprises need to fully secure their important data and communications. While there are many cybersecurity approaches and tools available, an increasing number of enterprises are turning to Wickr to keep their most critical information secure.

Wickr helps protect confidential files by ensuring that no unauthorized parties can access it in transit. The key to this protection is end-to-end encryption, which makes all communications and files in transit unreadable and unusable until it’s decrypted by the authorized user. Even if communications or file transfers are hijacked, the stolen data remains fully encrypted and completely inaccessible.

How do enterprises use Wickr to keep their business communications secure? Read on to learn more.

How Wickr Helps Keep Data Secure

Employees communicate and collaborate in many ways, from text messaging to video conferencing. Here are seven ways your organization can use Wickr to secure your data and communications.

1. Eliminate Insecure Emails

Most enterprises rely on email to communicate critical information. Unfortunately, email is inherently insecure.

The facts don’t lie. Email is the preferred delivery system for phishing scams, with 96% of all phishing and social engineering attacks arriving via email. Two-thirds of ransomware is delivered via spam or phishing emails. Business email compromise scams cost businesses more than $43 billion between 2016 and 2021. And the majority of malware is delivered via infected email attachments – 95% of Americans have received one or more emails a year that contained an attached virus or spyware.

In short, email may be the least secure way for enterprises to communicate and collaborate. Smart enterprises use Wickr’s communication solutions to replace email in their organizations.

2. Exchange Secure Text Messages

Conventional consumer text messaging isn’t much more secure than email. Fortunately, Wickr’s messaging platform includes the ability to exchange both one-and-one and group text messages – all protected by Wickr’s robust end-to-end encryption.

3. Make Secure Voice Calls

Mobile phones are also less than completely secure, as savvy actors can eavesdrop on calls via public cellular networks. A better approach is for employees to communicate via Wickr’s secure voice calling. All Wickr voice communications are contained within the Wickr platform and encrypted end-to-end.

4. Hold Secure One-on-one Video Chats and Video Conferences

Since the COVID-19 pandemic caused millions of employees to start working from home, video chats and conferences have become routine. Unfortunately, not all video chat platforms are fully secure, raising the possibility of unauthorized attendees eavesdropping on sensitive meetings and conversations.

Even before the pandemic, Wickr was already prepared for the rise of remote video conferencing with its end-to-end encrypted video conferencing platform. Employees can engage in one-on-one video chats or participate in large video conferences with up to 70 attendees. Only authorized invitees can access a Wickr video conference – no unauthorized entities can listen in.

5. Create Secure Group Rooms

Wickr offers several useful and secure tools for group collaboration, chief among them is Rooms. A Wickr Room is like a chat group where authorized team members can communicate and collaborate with one another in a fully secure environment. Room members can share their screens, hold voice and video conferences, exchange private direct messages, and more. They can even upload and share files with other Room members – all secured with Wickr’s end-to-end encryption.

6. Share Files – Securely

Employees need to share critical files, especially if they’re working remotely. Even if a file is encrypted in your firm’s database, it’s at risk while it’s being transmitted from one location to another. That’s because files in transit can easily be hijacked, especially over insecure public Wi-Fi connections.

A better approach is to use Wickr for all enterprise file sharing. Wickr offers secure file sharing protected by end-to-end encryption. This enables team members to share word-processing documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, presentations, and other types of files without fear of unauthorized access or hijacking. Because the files stay encrypted from start to finish, unauthorized users can’t intercept or view them.

7. Verify Trusted Contacts

Finally, enterprises use Wickr to ensure that employees share data only with intended individuals. Wickr uses key verification to confirm the identity of employees’ trusted contacts so that all files and communications go only to the intended recipients, not anyone pretending to be someone else.

Wickr verifies trusted contacts by issuing a unique security verification code for each user on the system. Identities are verified by having both users in a communication compare their security codes. If the codes match, both users are verified.

Let Wickr Help You Keep Your Most Critical Information Secure

To fully protect your firm’s classified data, turn to Wickr. Wickr’s secure collaboration solution employs robust end-to-end encryption and even military-grade security to ensure that all text, voice, and video communications, as well as shared data files, are protected from unauthorized access. It’s the only way to ensure that information both at rest and in transit is fully secure.

Contact us today to learn more about how Wickr can help you secure your firm’s most critical information.