Wickr is the most trusted collaboration platform in the world. Why?

Wickr utilizes and leverages an array of AWS services, including hosting, data backup and security monitoring. When you combine those services with the unique differentiators that Wickr offer such as E2E secure collaboration, together we provide a powerful solution for our joint customers and a competitive alternative to Azure/Teams users. Wickr is the only collaboration service with full functionality to meet all security criteria of the National Security Agency.

With its built on AWS technology Wickr offers:

Complete Security

Wickr protects all of your communications with 256-bit end-to-end encryption. A new random key is created for every call, message and file and even Wickr can’t access the decryption keys. With our zero trust platform design, your communications are completely secure from any foreign or domestic threats.

Total Compliance

Wickr allows you to secure your communications while remaining totally compliant with industry regulations. Wickr allows organizations to selectively log communication sessions to a secure customer-defined data store when required.

Full Control

Wickr gives you full administrative control over your data, allowing you to take charge of your own security. Control permissions, set expiration timers, define security groups, and ensure that your setup is specifically tailored to your organization.

Communication without Compromise

Wickr Pro

For small businesses and large teams needed greater control and security.

Wickr Enterprise

The only secure enterprise workspace with multiple deployment options, fine grain controls, policy and compliance solutions right out of the box.

Wickr RAM

Combines the best of Wickr Enterprise with DoD accreditation providing unmatched security in tactical and operational environments.

Features & Capabilities

1:1 and Group Messaging

Create secure rooms with up to 500 members

Audio and Video Calling

Conference with up to 70 people

Screensharing and Broadcasting

Present with up to 500 participants

File Saving and Sharing

Transfer files up to 5 GBs with unlimited storage

Administrative Controls

Tailor your setup for your organization

Configurable Ephemerality

Control expiration and burn-on-read timers

Advanced Layered Security

Nobody, including Wickr, can access your data

Global Federation

Connect with Wickr users outside of your network

Visit Wickr’s YouTube Channel to see product demos and learn more.