Unified, End-to-End Encrypted Communications from Government Agency to Agency

Wickr’s enterprise-grade secure collaboration solutions allow you to communicate confidently in good times and in bad – when under attack or facing an infrastructure breach. When you can trust nothing else, trust Wickr.

End-to-end encrypted and built on a distributed trust model, Wickr is the best way to defend against being compromised and keep communication between agencies up and running during an attack.

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Fortune favors the prepared. For cyber incident responders and continuity experts, the most critical time to act is before an incident occurs.

Recently, the U.S. Departments of Treasury and Commerce found that they had been victims of a months-long hacking campaign. Three days later, the SIPRNET system faced an emergency shutdown — these turns of events have left many working in the government sector without a way to collaborate using classified data.

Simple & Secure

Instead of relying on insecure corporate platforms and shadow IT applications, your entire agency can access a multiple ATO platform used in DoD and Federal environments for all of your messaging, calling, conferencing, and file sharing needs.

Purpose Built

Wickr comes ready to integrate and allows you to securely collaborate across agencies while remaining protected with the highest security protocols and with total compliance capabilities.

Global Federation

Your Secure Link Between Private Sector Devices and Government Clients

Administrators of private Wickr networks can allow users with free public accounts to communicate with those inside of the protected network without compromising its security.

Vetted by the NSA

Wickr is the only collaboration service with full functionality to meet all security criteria outlined by the National Security Agency

Service Full E2E Encrypted Functionality Invitation Controls Secure Server Deletion Global Federation FedRAMP Certified/In Progress
Cisco Webex
Google G Suite
Microsoft Teams