Record Retention & Compliance

Large enterprises & organizations operating in regulated industries require a different approach to data protection and record keeping. That is why we built Wickr Enterprise.

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Security at Scale

Wickr Enterprise is a fully-customizable self-hosted platform for secure communication across your entire organization. Ensure your business collaboration is in compliance with required security and retention standards, configurable down to each team and user.

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Control Retention on User Devices

Set appropriate ephemerality requirements for end user devices to minimize the window of opportunity for attackers targeting proprietary business data or PII. Unlike any other tool, Wickr Enterprise allows for strict policy control to ensure certain deletion of endpoint devices within a predetermined timeframe.

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Comply with Global and Industry Regulations

Get all the benefits of running a secure ephemeral network for your teams. Plus, leverage a single-view network dashboard to manage information governance policy and data security and retention compliance across your entire organization.

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Data Retention Compliance

Configure transparent data retention for compliance and regulatory purposes down to each team or employee using Wickr’s Compliance API, enterprises can use external tools like Elasticsearch for archival and search.

For highly regulated industries and organizations, Wickr Enterprise administrators can leverage the record keeping compliance capability to enable integration with your archiving solution. For example, financial or government institutions can ensure transparency, auditability and accountability in accordance with all applicable statutory record retention requirements (i.e: HIPAA, FINRA, FOIA, FRA). Similarly, for traditional enterprises, when a litigation hold is issued for specific users on a legal team, admin can enforce a preservation policy for a specific period of time and a group of staff, transparent to all participants.

As retention is enabled through customers’ 3rd party archiving solutions, it is crucial that customers take proactive steps to protect the retained communications as they leave the Wickr enterprise network. Wickr Enterprise is by design deployed and operated by the customer’s own security/IT teams.