Secure Communication in the Federal Government

Encrypted voice, text, video, data and file transfer. Any communication device, IoT, drone or application.

What is Wickr?

Wickr is an encrypted, ephemeral communication platform built by an expert security team to protect and expire highly-sensitive forward communication, data & file transfer throughout the federal government.

Wickr enables electronic communication throughout federal and government agencies with the same level of security and privacy as a face-to-face conversation, as no unencrypted data is stored on either device or on any 3rd party servers or networks.

No individual or organization other than the intended recipient can decrypt messages, data or files, including Wickr itself. Users set message expiration times within your agency’s data retention policies to meet all compliance standards.

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Wickr Pro

See for yourself how Wickr can provide the most secure voice, text, file and conference communication possible for your agency. Try Wickr Pro today for free. Wickr can be deployed/managed to comply with any regulation and we have people standing by to help you understand how Wickr can be deployed for your team/mission.


Best-in-class Features

Wickr uses the industry’s leading end-to-end encryption and controlled data deletion to ensure that sensitive government communication and data does not remain beyond its useful life and intended recipients, while preserving your agency’s ability to archive and process necessary records. We give your agency communication the same security and privacy of a private, face to face conversation, only over any electronic device.

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Secure Voice & Video Calling

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Advanced Admin Controls

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Fully End-to-End Encrypted

Wickr compliance services

Smart Integrations and Bots


Secure File

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SSO and MDM Integration

Wickr Public Sector Partners

Civilian, DoD, and Intel Use Cases

Sensitive Intelligence Communication


Immediate Incident Response

Secure Communication Abroad

Forward Deployment Personnel Communication