Nico Sell

Co-Chair, Co-Founder, Wickr

Nico Sell is Founder & Chairman of 533DZ Foundation and Co-Founder of r00tz Asylum.

Nico Sell is a professional artist, athlete and entrepreneur based in California. Nico is chairman and co-founder of numerous technology startups including 533DZ, c0sm0, r00tz, and Wickr. 533DZ invests in hackers to change the world. c0sm0 is a high-tech toy operator in stealth mode. r00tz teaches kids how to love hacking for good. Nico also serves on advisory boards for leading Washington DC think tanks: CDT (Center for Democracy and Technology) and CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies) where she is Co-Chair of Workforce Acceleration on the Cyber Policy Agenda for the 45th US President. She writes regularly on security for TechCrunch and trains kids and adults about hacking, including the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, Department of Justice, Olso Freedom Forum and World Economic Forum.