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What companies have access to your network?

On average, 89 vendors access an organization’s network each week

Teams exchange calls, emails, and texts on devices that are often out of your hands. It is all too easy to grant access with the click of a button. Employees on your staff, managers, and other professionals may be approving vendor access without your knowledge.


businesses don’t keep an inventory of all 3rd parties with access to their information

An inventory of 3rd parties with access to your organization’s data and communications is essential to understanding your risks and building your defenses. Be sure to check for vendor terminations and data erasure on all 3rd party apps.


companies have had a breach that was caused by a vendor

A 7% increase in incidents caused by a 3rd party vendor shows no signs of slowing down.

Supply chain attacks around the country

Target Breach of 2014:
Poor security from an HVAC Vendor

Domino’s Pizza Breach of 2017:
Poor security from supplier of online rating system

Equifax Breach of 2018:
Poor security from a flaw in outside software

The source of these breaches were all 3rd party vendors and outsiders getting access to sensitive information. Even with the known costs of these attacks, companies still grant access to 3rd party apps without consideration to these costs.



per breach

A company experiences an average cost of $7 million per breach.

Data breach costs tend to increase yearly because of issues like fines, the cost of lawyers, and the loss of customers. This has increased by 10% within the past year.

Risks of storing communications beyond their useful life:
Missed Deals
Lost Intellectual Property
Competitive Advantage
Customer Trust
E-discovery Litigation

GDPR fines can be up to 4% of global revenues if found collecting personal data from Europenas without proper data protection.


Wickr as a Solution

Secure Team Collaboration

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Easy invites for your entire team

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Admin control for permissions and access

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Company-wide retention and security controls

Privacy by Design

05 encrypted

Every message, file and video conference call is end-to-end encrypted

06 noAccess

Wickr never has access to your content

07 burnTime

Communications are retained for a set time, then deleted automatically

08 ScreenShot

Screenshot detection alerts

Communicate More. Retain Less. Risk Nothing.

Enterprise collaboration features and compliance-ready platform,
Wickr fits any regulatory requirements, including GDPR.

Data Control for Teams & Enterprises


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