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Join millions of users who trust Wickr’s secure product features. The flexibility that they experience having a secure network federating in Wickr Me users to collaborate and communicate securely is second to none.

  • 1:1 and Group Secure Voice & Video Calling
  • Secure Screenshare & File Upload
  • Screenshot Protection
  • Message expiration settings
  • Easily invite Wickr Me users to cross-collaborate
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Feature Update

We are excited to announce that teams and enterprises can now use a Single Sign-On (SSO) on Wickr Pro to get up and running in no time. We are proud to become the first among end-to-end encrypted tools with perfect forward secrecy to make strong data protection and privacy easy to adopt in the workplace, particularly for large organizations.

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Privacy by Design

Enterprise compliance-ready
Our customers have strict compliance policies. Wickr helps them stay on point.

Industrial strength encryption
Backed by 120 patents, our crypto R&D team maintains crypto policies that undergo rigorous NCC audits.

Control your privacy
Set and maintain control on who has access to your messages and how long. No one else can touch your data, including Wickr.

Secure your data
Across platforms and devices, stay securely connected anywhere you go, any time. Read more.

The Wickr Secure Messaging Protocol provides a platform for secure communications.


Our goal is to offer enough technical detail to allow security experts and cryptographers to observe the protocol’s security design, use of cryptographic primitives, etc. while also providing value to a wider audience of users and interested parties.

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Experts Are Saying

“You can’t leak what you don’t have. For years, Wickr has been at the forefront of ephemeral communication.”

Dan Kaminsky, Advisor

Renowned Information Security Researcher
& Co-Founder, Chief Scientist, White Ops

The Industry is Saying

“Wickr has adopted all of the best practices we’ve identified as part of this report. We commend Wickr for it’s strong stance regarding user rights, transparency, and privacy.”

EFF Publicist

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

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