Wickr RAM

Get Onboarded!

How to Set Up Your New Wickr RAM Account

To begin, choose at least one personal or government computing device (PC, Mac, Android, or iOS). Contact the ARMA helpdesk to get your temporary account password along with the passwords to all onboarding instructions and configuration files (850-374-5853 or 833-457-0457).

Next access and follow the onboarding instructions available via this website.

Have an Issue?

Get 24/7/365 Support Immediately

Trained, knowledgeable staff are standing by to support you 24/7/365 anywhere in the world. Contact 850-374-5853 or 833-457-0457.

Knowledge Cafe

Join us for a Q&A session designed to streamline your Wickr RAM experience and answer any questions that may come up while on boarding. Meetings will be held every Wednesday at 1300 CST beginning 8/4/2020.

To join, send a direct message in Wickr RAM to bmorrison@wickr.com or rbrumfield@wickr.com to be added to the “Wickr Q & A Sessions.”

New training videos covering a wide range of features and usage functions for all Wickr Client applications are available below.

The foundation of our new training program, these videos provide users with the most effective instructional content available and are available online through our website, and can be requested for file download as well.

Don’t see a topic, feature, or function on Wickr RAM covered in our catalogue? Submit your request and offer feedback on new content you would like to see.

New Client Rollout - Update Now

We have the new clients rolling out on both the Android play store, iTunes, and the government software center often. These new clients will be adding several new features, as well as fixing a range of old bugs. You can download new clients from either your government software center, or via the link below:


In addition to online content, Wickr Mobile Training Teams are available to provide training to users and collect feedback on site at various bases. These events will provide additional hands-on experience, enhance training, and streamline Wickr RAM setup for users and VIPs.

Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, these events are by request only. Please submit a request for a townhall event through the feedback link below: