Secure Communication for Telemedicine

With this spike in online clinical services comes the inevitable rise of cybersecurity threats. To help the current situation and make it easy for patients to stay secure, Wickr Pro will be free for qualifying medical practices.

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Security has Never Been More Important

Coronavirus has put immense pressure on hospitals and health care providers not only to support those with the virus, but to also care for otherwise healthy patients who still need medical care. Challenges include:

  • Caring for patients without having them come into the office/hospital and exposing them to the virus. This is especially true for those patients over 65 or those with existing respiratory or health issues.
  • Providing patients access to their own trusted doctor and not a random provider who they don’t know.
  • Interacting through a secure platform to protect the patient’s privacy and security while adhering to HIPAA Requirements.

Enter Wickr Pro, a secure communication platform which facilitates easy and secure communication between patient and their doctor. Wickr has been used for years by organizations who needed to communicate simply and securely. With millions of users already on the platform, Wickr supports medical providers and their patients through:

  • A fully capable communication platform which supports messaging, voice, and video calls.
  • Additional capabilities to share physical location in case a patient is in need of onsite support.
  • Complete End To End Security and Zero Trust infrastructure to support HIPAA’s security and privacy requirements.

Wickr Pro meets or exceeds rigorous HIPAA standards for protection of ePHI, including:

  • Access restricted to authorized users.
  • Integrity ensured via strong encryption.
  • Breach protection via highly secure, vetted platform technology.

With Wickr, ePHI is inaccessible to the service/service provider, so no Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is necessary.

Best-in-class Features

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Secure Voice & Video Calling

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Advanced Admin Controls

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Fully End-to-End Encrypted

Wickr compliance services

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SSO and MDM Integration

Case Study

A small family medical practice from the Midwest reached out soon after the initial Coronavirus social distancing messaging was released. They have healthy patients who they do not want to come into the office for basic procedures such as physicals, post-surgery visits, or prescription refills.

They have been having telephone calls with their patients but in some cases wanted to have video calls, leverage text messages, or share important documentation such as X-Rays or MRI results. They had just received guidance that remote support of their clients was possible but would need to be on a secure platform to support HIPAA requirements. Their administrator was familiar with Wickr and called to set up a network. The fact that Wickr works on any mobile device or desktop, is fully secure, and easy to access from app stores made the solution a natural fit.

They are now supporting an office of 25 doctors and staff to communicate with some 1000 patients in a simple and secure manner, enabling faster support and preventing the need for some of their healthy  clients to come to the office.