Why Wickr

Why Communication
  • Communicate seamlessly across all platforms (mobile, Desktop and tablets)
  • Unlimited messaging (1:1 and Rooms), voice and video chats all end-to-end encrypted
  • Unlimited search across all messages and files
  • File, video, photo transfers you name it you can share it securely
  • Create Teams and Networks to mimic your company organization
  • Secure screen sharing, location sharing and online status
  • Communicate within your Team or with any of the millions of other Wickr users and know it’s always end-to-end encrypted
Product Tiers and Pricing
Why Integration
  • Jira integration – check, Zendesk – check, Git – check, SalesForce – check, and thousands more.
  • Simple to use API for custom integrations
  • Advanced Admin controls including:
    – Fine grain user access controls
    – SSO and MDM integrations
    – Password complexity, device locking and a whole lot more
  • GDPR Compliance is easy and cost effective
  • SaaS, Enterprise and On Prem deployment options
Product Tiers and Pricing
Why Technology
  • Military grade end-to-end encryption—Wickr runs the only triple encrypted zero trust SaaS platform on the planet
  • User-defined burn-on-read settings so you can decide what is done with your communications once they are sent
  • Wickr Open Access ‘Smart VPN’ provides a secure connection even in less-than-secure environments
  • Screenshot detection available
  • Data shredder and key verification ensure you know who you are talking to and who has your files. Control your Data!
Product Tiers and Pricing