Wickr Product Feature: Keyboard Shortcuts

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Your workplace communications happen quickly and constantly. As you navigate your way through projects, you are likely communicating with your coworkers in several rooms and direct messages, while also participating in calls and searching through your messages.

While some like using a mouse to select options and conduct their business, we at Wickr are aware that some like to utilize keyboard shortcuts in order to keep their hands in one spot as they work. This can enhance productivity and keep you working at a pace that works as fast as your brain does.

Wickr has many keyboard shortcuts that you can use when using the application on your desktop, which we will feature below. For more information about keyboard shortcuts, check out our support post. Keyboard shortcuts can be used on all desktop devices, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. While the Command key will often be listed below, that button is considered interchangeable with CTRL when using Windows or Linux devices.

General Shortcuts

Some of the Wickr keyboard shortcuts might be easily guessed, such as using Esc to close or hide the current window or popup and Enter/Return to accept any dialog box. Likewise, hitting Tab can help you continue to the next tab, and Page Up/Down can help you quickly scroll through a list, whether it be contacts, messages, or search results. On a Mac, Page Up and Page Down are utilized by pressing Fn with the up or down buttons.

General Shortcuts:

EscClose/hide the current window or popup
Enter/ReturnAccept any dialog box
TabContinue to the next tab, coachmark
Page Up/DownScroll through list of contacts, messages, search results
cmd-/Open Nav menu
cmd-,Open Settings
cmd-‘Open Admin console (if user is an admin of a network) (Wickr Pro Only)
cmd-shift-EContacts list, Contact tab
cmd-shift-DContacts list, Directory tab
cmd-shift-PToggle presence
F1Open Support screen

In “Contacts” tab:

TabSwitch between Contacts/Directory tabs

If using a Mac, these next few shortcuts will make sense with the Command key, but again, Command should be considered interchangeable with CTRL if using Windows or Linux.

Pairing Command with different keys can help you open various options in your Wickr application. Command and / opens the navigation menu, Command and , opens the settings, and Command and ‘ opens the admin console, but only if you are an admin of the network.

Pressing Command, Shift, and E opens the contact tab of the contact list, while Command, Shift, and D opens the directory tab of the contacts list. If you are in the contacts tab, you can use Tab to switch between the contacts and directory tabs.

Wickr features a green dot to indicate to your coworkers that you are present on the application. If you would like to turn off your presence, you can simply hit Command, Shift, and P. Use the same combination to turn presence on again if you desire.

If you ever need support, simply hit F1 on Windows or Linux to open the support screen — this same functionality will occur if you press Fn with F1 on a Mac.

Messaging Shortcuts

There are several shortcuts available when messaging within Wickr. If you need to move the cursor to the beginning or the end of the line, simply hit Command, Alt, and the direction you want to go (left or right). Want to send an emoji? Press Command, Shift, and \ to open the emoji menu. You can use Command with + to open the + menu (featuring file attachment or location sharing), or you can skip straight to one of these options with these shortcuts: to upload or attach a file you can hit Command, Shift, and U, and to send your current location (if enabled), you can hit Command, Shift, and L.

If you have set up any quick responses, you can show the quick responses by hitting Command and [, and then pick one based on using the corresponding number.

If you would like to record a voice memo, simply hit Command, Shift, and V.

For Messaging:

cmd-alt-left, cmd-alt-rightCursor to beginning/end of line
cmd-shift-\ or cmd-shift-|Open emoji menu
cmd-+Open + menu
cmd-shift-UUpload/Attach file
cmd-shift-LSend Current Location (if enabled)
cmd-[Show Quick Responses (if there are any)
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0Send Quick Response from list based on number
cmd-shift-VRecord voice memo
cmd-BBold highlighted text
cmd-IItalic highlighted text
cmd-shift-XStrikethrough highlighted text
cmd-shift-IInline Code highlighted text
cmd-shift-CCode Block highlighted text

Like many different applications, text can be altered based on the following commands: to bold the highlighted text, press Command and B. To italicize the highlighted text, use Command and I. To strikethrough highlighted text, hit Command, Shift, and X.

Calling Shortcuts

If you are in a call — whether it’s audio or video — knowing some simple keyboard shortcuts can be very helpful. For example, if you would like to mute yourself, you can easily toggle mute by pushing M. If you are the call host, you can hit Command and M to mute all. If you are on Wickr Pro and you would like to toggle between showing your video and not, you can simply hit V. Likewise on Wickr Pro, you can hit S to toggle screen share.

For Calling:

MToggle mute
cmd-MMute All (call host only)
VToggle video (Wickr Pro only)
SToggle screen share (Wickr Pro only)

Room and Conversation Navigation Shortcuts

To quickly navigate through your rooms and conversations, Wickr has several keyboard shortcuts available. Move your cursor to the “Find Rooms and Conversations” box by simply hitting Command and J.  To toggle between rooms, you can use Alt with up or down keys to navigate through your various rooms. If you would like to toggle within your direct messages, hold down Shift along with Alt and up or down.

In “Search”:

cmd-FUniversal Search
cmd-shift-FUniversal Search + Starred Items

Room/Conversation Navigation:

cmd-JFocus to Find Rooms & Convos
alt-Up, alt-DownNext/previous room in list (start at first if none selected)
shift-alt-Up, shift-alt-DownNext/previous direct message in list (start at first if none selected)
cmd-shift-RCreate Room (Wickr Pro only)
cmd-shift-MCreate Direct Message
cmd-MManage rooms/group
cmd-EView Room/group (view profile card for 1:1)
cmd-PShow Pinned Files
cmd-DDelete Room (if mod)
cmd-LLeave Room (if only mod, will prompt to delete)
cmd-KStart Call
shift-DownScroll to Bottom of Chat

If you want to implement a universal search, press Command and F. If you want to conduct a universal search with starred items, use Command, Shift, and F.

If you would like to create a new room, press Command, Shift, and R. Likewise, to create a new direct message, hit Command, Shift and M. If you would like to manage the room/message and see its details, use Command and M. If you want to leave the room, you can simply hit Command and L, while moderators can delete the room using Command and D. If you want to start a call, press Command with K.  

Wickr Pro: Secure Collaboration for Your Team

We hope that these shortcuts help you conduct your work at an even faster pace than ever before. Download Wickr Pro today for free to start easily and securely collaborating with your team today!

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