Wickr Updates

Last Update: March 08, 2018

IMPORTANT! There is no password reset on Wickr Me or Pro. We don't know who our users are; which prevents us from verifying users to reset their password.


Keep up-to-date with wickr features, crypto code updates, and enhanced privacy.

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Introducing Screenshot Detection

We are excited to release a new feature enabling screenshot detection on Android and iOS for both Wickr Pro and Wickr Me.

While there is no privacy silver bullet, we believe that transparency around capturing messages enables trust and helps set privacy expectations between you and your contacts.

With screenshot detection, one of the most requested features by our users, you have even more control over your content.

As always, please share your feedback so we can make Wickr the best private communications platform it can be: support@wickr.com.

Expand Your Wickr Network with our Newly Enhanced Contacts UI.

Great news! We just released the update to help you find and add Wickr Pro and Wickr Me contacts.

You can now easily search and add users directly to Secure Rooms or Conversations by simply typing in their email. If your contacts are found, you can start messaging right away. As always, Wickr Pro users can connect with both Pro and Wickr Me users, if federation is enabled by your network administrator.

Your Contact Not on Wickr Yet?

Invite them via text or email right from your mobile app or desktop. Easy as that!

Granular Expiration and BOR Controls for Each Message

Introducing major improvements to expiration and burn-on-read (BOR) settings requested by our users:

  • Ephemerality settings (Exp. & BOR) are moved down to the side of text box (where it used to be prior to recent update)
  • Larger number of Expiration and BOR options
  • Added custom option for Expiration and BOR timers

This update was all about better crypto and security.

A significantly lighter and faster protocol, wickr-crypto-c enables scalable, strong perfect forward and backward secrecy and ephemeral collaboration for all Wickr users. The core crypto code is published on GitHub, documented here, and vetted by top security teams.

This is a huge step forward for Wickr Me and the industry. More efficient key management for group conversations means faster, safer and more private communications. We have more cryptographic innovation coming soon. Stay tuned!

I don’t want anyone to see who’s messaging me on Wickr Me, how?

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You can turn all notifications off in which case you will continue receiving messages, but notifications won’t appear on your home screen. More granular control over your app notifications are coming. You’ll be able to set to receive anonymous notifications to only inform you that you got a new Wickr Me message.

Where did the message locks go and does this impact the privacy of my messages?

Your Wickr Me communication is end-to-end encrypted as always: each message is protected with a new encryption key to ensure that no one, including Wickr can access your content – only you and your recipient(s). Wickr encrypts your messages in transit, and they are encrypted at rest on your app.

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Wait, what about the locks and what is BOR?
BOR stands for Burn-On-Read. BOR is a user setting that gives the sender the ability to ensure a specific message or file expires – or burns – a specified time after a recipient reads it. Previously on Wickr Me, the locks served as a trigger for starting the BOR timer. In the new interface, you can set both the Expiration and BOR for each conversation/message. You can find BOR and expiration settings by clicking the (i) button next to the name of a conversation. We’re planning to bring back the message locks and global option for BOR soon! More on BOR here.

Message Recall – where do I find it?

Message Recall Image
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In addition to being able to manage your ephemerality settings, you can now take control over your conversations by using a recall feature. It allows you to retract a message or a file after you sent it. The message will be deleted from all the recipient(s) devices as soon as they come online.

How do I find a secure shredder?

Wickr’s secure shredder is now built-in and running in the background, deploying forensic deletion techniques to all messages. There is no need to activate it – you only need to delete an item or remove the conversation to have all the items securely shred.


  • Make sure you DO remember your Wickr ID so you can use it to login to your account once Wickr Me is updated. Here is where to find it IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY LOGGED INTO YOUR APP: Settings > General > Account: at the top of the screen.
  • MAKE SURE you DO know your Wickr Me password. You will have 10 attempts to login before you are locked out of your account for 24 hours.
  • If automatic updates are enabled on your devices, Wickr Me will do its work and upgrade.
  • If you don’t have auto update enabled, you will need to update.
  • Login to updated Wickr Me. You will see your contacts; no past conversations will be available.
  • Send messages – you are back in touch with your important contacts on Wickr Me. Enjoy your privacy!

You forgot your password … Don’t worry!

  • If you are certain you don’t have your password, avoid throwing your phone – we got ya!
  • If you use TouchID on your phone and are currently logged in, write down the Wickr IDs of your most important contacts so you can connect with them from your new account.
  • Create a NEW Wickr ID and password and please remember your new login/password.
  • Update your Wickr Me app across all your devices by visiting this download page.
  • Login to Wickr Me using your NEW Wickr ID and password. You will NOT see your old contacts.
  • Reconnect with the important contacts you had on your old Wickr Me account, the ones you wrote down before creating a new Wickr Me ID. You are back in touch with your friends on an updated Wickr Me. Enjoy!


We are beyond excited to share the progress we have made in applying the updated Wickr Messaging protocol (published on GitHub and documented here) to large group conversations, secure file transfer, and device security.

First off, the upgrade in the crypto protocol significantly improves the efficiency in key management for group conversations. A significantly lighter and faster protocol, wickr-crypto-c enables scalable, strong perfect forward and backward secrecy and ephemeral collaboration for Wickr Me users. This update enables users to easily join and leave groups making group chats become dynamic while maintaining the same level of security including e2e and PFS/PBS.

The design of the Wickr Messaging protocol has been vetted by top security researchers, including Wickr’s own advisors and 3rd party auditors.

In a nutshell, the privacy and security of user content and accounts is enabled by the following:

  • Account data is protected by scrypt to harden against off-line dictionary attacks;
  • Message data is protected by AES-256 GCM and signed using ECDSA with Elliptic curve P521;
  • Message keys are exchanged using ECDH with Elliptic curve P521 and HKDF;
  • SHA512 is used as a hashing function for security critical operations.

As always, no phone number or email address is required to communicate on Wickr Me. Unlike any other secure messenger, Wickr Me users are anonymous to us; we collect no metadata and know nothing about the content of your communications.


We are bringing the top most requested features to Wickr Me: file transfer, message recall, Touch ID for Android, enhanced UI/UX for key verification and expiration settings. Learn more about these and other new features here.

Wickr will now deliver updates and new features to Wickr Me and Wickr Pro on the same release cycle. This will promote product stability and improve our ability to service the app across all platforms. Please share your feedback here in the event any of the above features are important to your use case.

Secure file sharing:
With this update, files of any format, up to 10 MB, can now be shared via Wickr Me. On desktop, you can simply drag and drop a document or a photo to send it end-to-end encrypted with a set expiration timer. This feature supports collaboration and maximum data hygiene for parties who trust each other. If you do not trust the person you’re talking to, do not open files coming from them or send them photos/files you do not want to be saved.

Expiration settings:
Wickr Me users will have a more visible and granular message retention controls via the expiration time and/or burn-on read time. You can control these settings for both 1:1 conversations and group chats.

Message recall:
In addition to messages being ephemeral by default, Wickr Me users can now recall a message after it was sent – it will be deleted from every device participating in a conversation as soon as they come online.

To manage notifications noise in your settings, you can turn off your notifications globally or turn them on only for messages directed to you.

Group Management:
You can now leave a group conversation at any time.


Some features are not available in this Wickr Me update, including those least requested by our users. Please share your feedback here to help us prioritize the features to come next to Wickr Me. WE MEAN IT, YOUR FEEDBACK IS VERY IMPORTANT TO US, SO PLEASE LET US KNOW WHAT FEATURES YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE IN FUTURE RELEASES OF WICKR ME.

Wickr Me features that will not be supported at this time include:

  • Screenshot notifications on iOS;
  • Message locks;
  • Tap & Hold Image or Video to view;
  • Conversation names;
  • White list;
  • Doodles & stickers;
  • Multi-language support: more languages will be added in the coming months;
  • Voice messages.
  • View only images

Infrastructure Upgrade Complete... Full Speed Ahead.

Over the weekend, we completed the planned migration of all our platforms to a new, highly scalable global infrastructure better suited to the growth trajectory we have been experiencing. With this infrastructure upgrade, Wickr is well-equipped to continue expanding and adding more secure communications products and features for our consumers and enterprise partners.

compliance iconAlthough this was a planned outage, a small number of users experienced service interruption that was longer than anticipated. We thank all of our users from so many different countries who reached out to us during this recent upgrade. Your continuous feedback helped our engineering team identify and resolve all issues as efficiently as possible. This upgrade was a major undertaking for us, and we appreciate your patience over the past few days.

We are excited to continue providing platforms that enable private and secure communications for people and businesses around the world.