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Wickr IO is an integration gateway that enables end-to-end secure, API-based integration with the Wickr platform.

Trusted by millions of users worldwide to protect private communications.

Use the Wickr IO API to connect Wickr with your everyday business workflowsand third party tools (such as Slack, Zendesk, Pagerduty, Git, etc) or to build new services and automation that leverages our industry-leading end-to-end encryption and ephemeral messaging capabilities.

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Flexible BOT Integrations

Connecting your workflows and applications to Wickr has never been easier. The WickrIO BOT uses the Hubot framework so you can take advantage of 1,000’s of Hubot integrations or custom-build and commit your own.

Bespoke Integrations

With WickrIO API, you can quickly integrate your business processes into a secure and ephemeral place to share content, such as posting sensitive documents. Wickr provides a standard set of API calls to create messages, rooms, and sending information to a user or group of users.

Example: Slack - Take sensitive conversations to Wickr

WickrIO BOT integrates with Slack – provides an easy to access function when communicating sensitive information; simply “/wickr”, “/createconvo”, “/ createroom” and add user(s).

– Developer Note –

Wickr Developer Center will continually be growing and adding more context and updates to the Wickr Platform. Stay tuned for more information.