5 Reasons Why Wickr is the Best Encrypted Messaging App for Teams

It’s important for members of your team to effectively and efficiently communicate and collaborate with each another. So, using an encrypted messaging app is a great way to do so.

According to McKinsey Digital, 80% of companies that were surveyed use messaging and other social tools for collaborative purposes. It’s not surprising that there are numerous messaging solutions for your team to choose from, everything from consumer messaging apps to full-featured enterprise communications tools. There is only one solution, however, that offers the most flexibility and security for teams and organizations: Wickr.

Why is Wickr the best messaging app for your team? Below are five reasons to answer this question.

1. End-to-End Encryption

For many organizations, the most important factor in choosing a team messaging app is security. You do not want unwanted outsiders eavesdropping on your communications or stealing valuable company information and data. You want your communications – all your communications – to be fully and reliably secure.

Unfortunately, many corporate employees continue to use their personal mobile messaging apps for team communications. According to the Infinite Convergence Enterprise Mobile Messaging Study, 44% of employees use unsecured mobile messaging apps throughout the workday, which puts your teams’ communications and company data at extreme risk.

The only way to ensure secure communication is through the use of data encryption. When a message is encrypted it’s scrambled and protected with a strong key or password. Encrypted messages cannot be read by anyone who doesn’t have the key – messages stay scrambled until they’re unlocked and decrypted.

For the ultimate in messaging security, you want to employ end-to-end encryption. This technology encrypts the message on the front end when it’s sent and keeps it encrypted until it has been delivered to the recipient on the back end. Any malicious entity trying to intercept a message in transit cannot decrypt it, period. The message remains unread until it is unlocked by the recipient.

Wickr employs cutting-edge, end-to-end encryption to ensure that hackers, cybercriminals, and other third parties cannot access your team’s private communications. This is the number one reason why Wickr is the best encrypted messaging app for your team.

2. Multi-Platform Communications

Your team members use many different types of devices on many different platforms to communicate with each another. Your ideal team messaging app needs to support more than just Android and iOS phones: it also needs to work on tablets and Mac and Windows computers.

Wickr works on all these mobile and desktop platforms. Whatever devices the members of your team use, Wickr is compatible with them.

Wickr isn’t just for text messaging, either. Wickr enables voice, video, and text messaging – as well as screen sharing and other forms of group collaboration. It’s the all-purpose messaging solution for all members of your team.

3. Secure File and Media Sharing

Do you ever want to share files and media with members of your team? Not all messaging apps let you do that, unfortunately – but Wickr does.

Wickr lets you transfer videos, photos, and other files to all or selected members of your team. These files are shared securely, using Wickr’s end-to-end encryption, so that you no unauthorized user can view them. Whether you’re sharing sensitive Office documents or a fun team photo, Wickr lets you do it – safely and securely.

4. Teams and Networks

You don’t want your teams’ communications to be limited by how a particular app does things. You want to construct your teams’ communications in your own way.

Wickr does exactly that. Wickr lets you create Teams and Networks to mimic your company’s organization. You can message team members one-to-one or with multiple members in a live room. You’re not limited to one way of doing things – use Wicker to set up your communications in a way that works best for your team.

Even better, whether you’re communicating within your team or with any of the millions of other Wickr users worldwide, all your text messages and group voice and video chats are completely end-to-end encrypted. With Wickr, whatever you say in a chat stays in that chat.

5. Integration with Other Apps and Services

You won’t be messaging in a vacuum. You need your team’s communications to incorporate data and processes from other apps and services, as seamlessly as possible, to enhance your workflow and collaborative processes in real time. All the applications and data that your team uses need to be integrated into your messaging app.

Wickr is the king of integration. Whether you want to integrate your internal database, email system, CRM, or another essential app, Wickr does it. Wickr directly integrates with SalesForce, Jira, Zendesk, and other popular applications. In addition, Wickr’s easy-to-use API allows for custom integrations with your in-house apps. There are even SaaS, Enterprise, and On-Prem deployment options.

All of these integrated apps are managed through Wickr’s Advanced Admin controls. You get fine-grain user access controls, SSO and MDM integrations, managed device locking, and more.

In short, with Wickr, integrations are plentiful, easy to implement, and easy to manage. Your team gets to access the apps and data that they need while they’re messaging. It’s perfect for group projects and collaborations.

Wickr: The Best Encrypted Messaging App for Your Team

Wickr understands the importance of choosing the right encrypted messaging app for your team. Wickr’s messaging solutions offer secure messaging with state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption. Contact us to learn more about how Wickr can be part of your encrypted messaging strategy.

For the best encrypted messaging app for your team, download Wickr today!