AWS Wickr

Wickr ATAK Plugin

Enhancing situational awareness with secure communications

The AWS Wickr ATAK Plugin allows ATAK operators to initiate end-to-end encrypted communications directly from the TAK interface. Operators can maintain the situational awareness ATAK provides, without having to toggle between applications to securely send messages, initiate calls, and share files.

Why ATAK and AWS Wickr?

The Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK)—or Android Tactical Assault Kit (also ATAK) for military use—is a smartphone geospatial infrastructure and situational awareness application that enables safe collaboration over geography. While it was initially designed for use in combat zones, ATAK has been adapted to fit the missions of local, state, and federal agencies.

Use cases


Military personnel can maintain full situational awareness, while quickly receiving Wickr communications. Ephemeral messaging options allow sensitive information to be deleted from the device, while being retained on the Wickr compliance service to meet requirements, and facilitate the creation of after-action reports.

Law enforcement

ATAK is a powerful tool for team tracking and mission planning, ensuring a safer and better response to critical law enforcement and public-safety events. The AWS Wickr ATAK Plugin adds to ATAK’s capabilities by supporting secure communications between tactical, negotiation, and investigative teams.

First responders

ATAK aids in search-and-rescue and multi-jurisdictional natural disaster responses, such as hurricane relief efforts. The AWS Wickr ATAK Plugin provides secure, uninterrupted communication between all levels of first responders to help them get oriented quickly, and support complex coordination needs.

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