Secure Collaboration for the Government

Unmatched security that allows government agencies to communicate without compromise.

Wickr is the fully secure collaboration platform used by many government agencies and defense contractors. Completely secured with end-to-end encryption, Wickr includes:

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Complete Security

Government agencies need to communicate with complete security in order to remain protected from both foreign and domestic cyber threats. These threats have only increased as more employees have begun working remotely. Wickr recognizes those threats and provides complete security for all of your collaboration needs.

Built by a team of proven cybersecurity experts, Wickr is an end-to-end encrypted, ephemeral collaboration platform. Wickr is designed to protect highly sensitive communication, data, and file transfers between and throughout governmental agencies. All communications have the same level of security and privacy as a face-to-face conversation.

Global Federation

Your Secure Link Between Private Sector Devices and Government Clients

Administrators of private Wickr networks can allow users with free public accounts to communicate with those inside of the protected network without compromising its security.

Our Partners & Customers

Wickr is proud to support Defending Digital Campaigns (DDC), a nonpartisan and non-aligned organization providing access to cybersecurity products, services and information regardless of party affiliation. Learn more about DDC at

Founded and operated by former government and military intelligence professionals in 2009, Qintel’s commitment to uncovering data hidden in the depths of the dark web has made it the gold standard in threat intelligence for many Fortune 100 companies and essential government organizations.
“As former employees from federal law enforcement, the intelligence community, and the military, Qintel understands the need for enterprise-federated, secure communication messaging capabilities. When searching for our company’s messaging application we evaluated the market thoroughly and while there are some excellent capabilities available, none of them offer the enterprise security and flexibility that Wickr does. Qintel has always enjoyed a solid relationship with Wickr. We have found them to be very transparent with their technology and wanting to make their products more secure and effective. We not only use Wickr for individual and group secure communications, but also take advantage of Wickr’s bot features to automate threat intelligence and other critical information.”
Bill Schambura, Chief Executive Officer – Qintel
US Air Force
The United States Air Force is the air service branch of the United States Armed Forces and is one of the eight uniformed services of the United States.
“Using Wickr RAM in Cloud One allows our personnel and teams to collaborate securely at the tactical edge and higher; in-garrison and deployed. Its ability to run on many different platforms and its feature set enables us to reduce security risks and operate successfully. Wickr RAM fills distinct secure mobility collaboration gaps to meet DoD compliance mandates at scale. Based on its commercial and government hosting, scalability, and federation capabilities, it is the only compliant solution that enables secure foreign partner, other government agency, and non-government agency secure collaboration for rapid response operations and ad-hoc activities. This is especially key to enable humanitarian efforts, crisis response, and other operations. Its bot system also enables automation for automatic data collection and communications.”
Todd Weiser, Chief Technology Officer – U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command
UNCOMN, a service-disabled, veteran-owned small business and AWS Advanced Tier Partner, provides industry-leading business management and technology consulting services. At 12 years old, UNCOMN serves Department of Defense and commercial customers, with more than 200 team members helping solve cloud, supply chain, data, and cybertechnical problems. UNCOMN’s values of Be More, Do More, and Cultivating Beauty are core to its efforts to give back and volunteer its services to nonprofit entities making a difference.
“UNCOMN combined forces with AWS Wickr to secure communications for Operation Recovery, supporting the safe evacuation of Afghan allies in the wake of the U.S. military exit from Afghanistan.”
Nick Powers, Chief Operating Officer – UNCOMN
Operation Recovery
Operation Recovery is a nonprofit organization comprising more than 150 highly trained and experienced volunteers, including Special Operations veterans, intelligence specialists, medical professionals, immigration experts, refugee organizers, and advocates. Operation Recovery works remotely through secure electronic channels to assess, organize, coordinate, and deploy lifesaving support in the aftermath of global crises and disasters.
“Operation Recovery required a secure form of communication with the many principals within our care. UNCOMN and Wickr developed an elegant solution to a very complex problem. Together, they produced a method for us to use Wickr’s protocol to communicate securely with at-risk allies in Afghanistan.”
Jon Collette, President – Operation Recovery