Security First

Security is the #1 priority in every product design and feature decision we make.

State of the Art Cryptography

256-bit, authenticated end-to-end encryption. Content is encrypted locally on user devices and is only accessible to intended recipients. Wickr never has the decryption keys. FIPS-140-2 certified clients available.

Perfect Forward Secrecy & Post Compromise Security

Every message, file and call is encrypted with a new random key. As of now, breaking just one key would take trillions of years.

Zero Trust Platform Design

We believe the first rule of building a secure communication service is to ensure that the service provider can't access the communications. Even in the case of a breach, Wickr servers cannot leak user communications - they are undecipherable in transit and deleted upon delivery.

Ephemerality and Antiforensics

Message autodelete based on time sent and/or time read, digital shredder. No conversation lives beyond its useful life.

Advanced Security Features

Multifactor authentication, account takeover protection, device encryption at rest, client network traffic obfuscation, secure link previews, message revoke, user blocking, screenshot detection, overlay protection, and more privacy settings.

User Key Verification

After exchanging keys with your contact, Wickr provides tools to help verify the identity of the person using the keys on the other side of your conversation.

Details Matter

Constant bit rate VoIP, Scrypt-based password hashing, constant time hardened crypto implementation, security memory management and deletion, hardened binaries.

Vetting and Transparency

Open source crypto implementation, continuous third party audits, high reward bug bounty program.

Crypto Research

Ongoing R&D, thought leadership, collaboration with industry and academia.

Security, Verified.

Premium data deserves premium security. That’s why we are committed to working with world-leading experts to thoroughly inspect our code.
Wickr’s messaging protocol is also available for public review.

aspect logo

“Aspect found no weaknesses in the latest version of Wickr software that would allow Wickr or a third party to gain access to unencrypted user messages.”

veracode logo

“Wickr met or exceeded the security score outlined in the Veracode Risk Adjusted Verification Methodology for an application at the high assurance level.”

nccgroup logo

“Rather than relying upon point-in-time security assessment, Wickr & NCC Group developed an iterative & transparent process that attests to Wickr’s commitment to protecting critical data & communications.”

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SOC 2®. Report on Controls at a Service Organization Relevant to Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality or Privacy.