From the boardroom to the battlefield, Wickr provides trusted communications to organizations all around the world.
Military service member using Wickr


Wickr’s industry-leading security protocols ensure that sensitive military communications remain secure. Vetted by the U.S. Department of Defense, Wickr’s zero trust architecture ensures that your data remains safe, even in the harshest conditions. Wickr is FIPS 140-2 certified and has a seamless onboarding process.

Government Agencies

Keep your sensitive communications secure with Wickr. Wickr is approved for use from any government or personal computer, as well as mobile devices. Easily collaborate with your team, whether through video conferencing, messaging, or file sharing, knowing that the data is completely protected by Wickr’s advanced security protocols.

Government agency using secure communication
Local government official using secure communication

State & Local Government

Wickr provides unmatched security that allows state and local government, law enforcement, and education organizations to communicate without compromise. Message, call, and conference in secure collaboration rooms. You can also share files and send your location, all with complete end-to-end encryption.


Wickr enables your team to collaborate with complete security, no matter where they are. Maintain full administrative control over your network and protect your data with our advanced security protocols. Wickr also allows you to stay compliant with industry regulations by allowing organizations to selectively log communication sessions when required.

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Who is Wickr for?

Wickr allows professionals across many industries to communicate without compromise.


Collaborate with your team of leaders with complete security. Whether presenting to the board, discussing company strategy, or collaborating regarding sensitive files, Wickr can help your executive team operate efficiently.

IT Professionals

Maintain control of your data and protect your organization. With a single-view network dashboard to manage essential operations and full compliance capabilities, Wickr makes it easy to manage your organization’s data security.

Legal Teams

Completely protect your client communications with industry-leading security protocols, whether you are messaging, calling, or video conferencing. Wickr also allows you to retain communications to ensure that you remain totally compliant.


Whether you need to communicate with deployed service members, local informants, or your family back home, Wickr allows you to communicate without compromise even in the harshest conditions.

Sales Reps

Communicate with your team, your clients, and outside vendors with complete security. With video conferencing and screen sharing, it is easy to connect with your clients and close the deal.


Collaborate with your clients and coworkers protected by Wickr’s advanced security protocols. Wickr also allows for data retention to ensure that you remain compliant with industry regulations.

Industry Leaders Rely on Wickr

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