Information Request Reporting

Wickr is committed to meeting and exceeding industry standards for transparency reporting. In this report you will discover the details of the past six months of our receipt and responses to user information requests or legal processes. Additional information can be found in our Legal Process Guidelines.

Our Philosophy & Impact

At Wickr, we hold a long-standing belief that transparency is a prerequisite to earning our users’ trust and growing our platform. And while the messages we secure will never­­­ be outwardly visible, our practices, policies and philosophies – especially as they relate to how our privacy practices – should be front and center. Our semi-annual transparency reporting practice is designed to inform users about requests for their account information.


When does Wickr provide law enforcement with details on its subscriber accounts?

Wickr cooperates with law enforcement by providing information related to its users’ accounts only when properly served with legal process or in life-or-death situations.

What kinds of information does Wickr turn over on those accounts?

Wickr can provide non-content information describing an account such as: date of its creation, the date of last use, the total number of messages sent and/or received, the type of device on which the account was created. See our Legal Process Guidelines for the full list.

When does Wickr provide law enforcement with subscriber content?

Never! Our system is designed to protect our users’ privacy such that we never have access to our users’ decrypted message content so can’t pass it on to anyone else.