About Us

At Wickr, we believe the highest results are born from different perspectives. That is why we strive to work with the best minds in security and the most innovative thinkers in technology. Wickr’s mission is to transform the way companies and organizations use and build systems that protect valuable, high-target data.

Message from Our CEO

“We need to see innovation among technology teams and an industry wide move to build ‘private by design’ spaces that offer an alternative to the persuasive technologies and user manipulation techniques that focus only on monetizing user data at the expense of privacy.”

– Joel Wallenstrom, CEO

Our Leadership Team

Head of Corporate Development & Customer Success

Head of Global Sales
Head of Engineering
Head of Strategy and Operations
Head of Human Resources
Head of Marketing & Communications

Advisors and Investors

Co-Chair, Wickr
Former President, CEO, IBM
Merlin International, Chairman and CEO

Founder and CEO of Breyer Capital