Fort Wayne Police Department

Our first use case was the simple controlled drug buy or fugitive surveillance operation. These all require operations plans, and usually, several buys are involved in a case. Establishing a “room” for a case involving several buys allows for easy noting of events during the buy, convenient storage of ops plans, and robust handling of surveillance photo and video attachments that often bog down traditional SMS/MMS methods. Combine that with the ability to live share locations, the ability for analysts in the office and uniformed detectives in a squad car to interact on Windows and not just on phones, and the robust search feature leveraged against previous surveillance comments (even across multiple rooms!), and Wickr quickly excels as the comms platform we’ve never had for this use. Adding to this, the easy scalability available to supplemental personnel from other agencies with Global Federation has only increased the value of Wickr. Wickr bots for managing longer-term human assets is another capability with strong potential.

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