AWS re:Inforce 2022: 10 Biggest News And Product Launches

This article originally appeared on CRN.

AWS announced its enterprise secure collaboration product that provides end-to-end encrypted messaging, file transfer, screen sharing, location sharing, and voice and video conferencing capabilities—complete with administrative controls to support information governance and compliance.

AWS acquired encrypted messaging service company Wickr in 2021.

AWS Wickr, currently in preview also includes message and content ephemerality, perfect forward secrecy, message recall and delete, and administrative controls to support information governance and compliance.

The new service allows secure collaboration across messaging, voice and video calling, file sharing, and screen sharing.

AWS Wickr aims to helps organizations address evolving threats and regulations by combining security and administrative features designed to safeguard sensitive communications, enforce information governance policies, and retain information as required. Encryption takes place locally, on the endpoint. Every call, message, and file is encrypted with a new random key, and no one but intended recipients—not even AWS—can decrypt them. Information can be selectively logged to a secure, customer-controlled data store for compliance and auditing purposes.

AWS Wickr integrates with additional services such as Active Directory and single sign-on with OpenID Connect. The service also alllows customers to securely automate their workflows using Wickr Bots.

AWS Wickr is available at no cost during the preview period.