Happy New Year from Wickr!

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Hey Wickr Fans,

Happy New Year 2020!

The past year has been an extremely busy one for the Wickr team. It was exciting, challenging, productive and we are extremely proud of everything that we were able to accomplish. Thanks to feedback from loyal Wickr Pro users like you, we brought new features to life. Here are just a few example of updates that we made to Wickr Pro in 2019: we added support for additional languages and now our app is available in French, Russian, and Hindi, in addition to English; we added location features such as real time Location Sharing and Live Location and our users now have multiple ways to share their location with their contacts in real time; we added Google SSO Sign-In functionality that allows our users to sign-in to Wickr Pro using their Google credentials; and we added bot functionality to allow our users to build out custom, intuitive workflows and easily integrate with third party software in order to make their communications more productive. 

As awesome as 2019 was for Wickr, 2020 is shaping up to be an even better year.  We’ve got amazing app updates in store for you such as Rich Link Preview and Account Take Over Prevention.  We also plan to add support for our Wickr Enterprise customers who need to federate with other enterprise customers. Following that, we’ll continue with additional support for federation with Wickr Pro and Wickr Me users.

We are still the most secure and reliable enterprise product in the market.  And now we have the same features and functionality offered by the not secure crowd!  This is why in 2019 we grew our overall business by 244% and added significantly to our customer list.

Best of all, it’s still incredibly easy to invite someone to download and connect with you on Wickr Pro.

Get started with our latest Wickr Pro in minutes!

Once you’re setup, simply send your contacts an email or text from within the app and they too can get up and running with Wickr Pro for free and in minutes!

Please keep the feedback coming! Your comments and suggestions drive our innovation.

– Joel Wallenstrom, CEO

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