New eBook: 5 Keys to Secure Enterprise Messaging

We are excited to announce a new eBook, 5 Keys to Secure Enterprise Messaging. The new eBook includes best practices for addressing the security and compliance risks associated with messaging apps.

An estimated 3.09 billion mobile phone users access messaging apps to communicate, and this figure is projected to grow to 3.51 billion users in 2025. 

Legal and regulatory requirements for data protection, privacy, and data retention have made protecting business communications a priority for organizations across the globe. While consumer messaging apps are convenient and support real-time communication with colleagues, customers, and partners, they lack the robust security and administrative controls many businesses require.

The eBook details five keys to secure enterprise messaging that balance people, process, and technology.

We encourage you to read the eBook, and learn about:

  • Establishing messaging policies and guidelines that are effective for your workforce
  • Ensuring employees know how to use messaging apps in a way that doesn’t increase organizational risk
  • Building a culture of security
  • Using true end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to secure communications
  • Retaining data to meet requirements, without exposing it to outside parties

Download 5 Keys to Secure Enterprise Messaging.

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