Our focus on end-to-end encrypted enterprise communications

At Wickr, we’ve served a diverse set of customers that range from the boardroom to the battlefield. Since AWS acquired Wickr in 2021, we’ve listened closely to our customers to better understand their requirements for end-to-end encryption. After careful consideration, we will be concentrating Wickr’s focus on securing our business and public sector customers’ data and communications with AWS Wickr and Wickr Enterprise, and have decided to discontinue our consumer product, Wickr Me. As a result, we will not accept user registrations for Wickr Me after December 31, 2022, and will discontinue Wickr Me on December 31, 2023.

We understand the need for our customers to maintain secure communication for sensitive information, and we are working closely with customers to meet their needs with AWS Wickr. AWS Wickr is an end-to-end encrypted enterprise communications service that allows organizations to communicate more securely, while supporting data retention obligations. AWS Wickr helps business and public sector customers address evolving threats and regulations by combining security and administrative features designed to safeguard sensitive communications, enforce information governance policies, and retain data as required. We also realize that some of our business and public sector customers use Wickr to communicate with individual users outside their network. We’re focusing on enabling this in AWS Wickr, too.

If you are a Wickr Me customer, we will provide more information in the coming months on actions you can take to preserve your data.