Data Encryption Best Practices for the Enterprise

Encryption is the process of encoding data so that it cannot be read without a key. Encryption is a key facet of modern computing — we often need to send data across the world quickly, and naturally, we only want it to be seen by its intended recipient. This is true whether we are sending our credit card information or if we are discussing sensitive company data with a colleague. This is considered data “in transit”, and it should be encrypted as it travels from one place to another.

When data is stored at your facility, or “at rest,” it also needs to be protected. Your computer and servers have a massive amount of information, and the most sensitive information should also be encrypted to keep it protected in the case of a breach or if the hardware is stolen.

If you are new to data encryption and want the basics — and how to tell if a service you are using is employing efficient encryption techniques — look no further than these encryption best practices.

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