User Feedback – The AWS Wickr Features You Say Are Your Favorites

What makes AWS Wickr such a respected and popular enterprise communications platform? Here are the top features that users say make AWS Wickr both easy to use and completely secure. 

Secure Voice and Video Calling

Perhaps Wickr’s most popular feature is its secure voice and video calling. Users can call each other 1:1 or via team meetings with up to 50 people. AWS Wickr’s secure voice and video calling enables teams to collaborate within an organization or with partners at other companies.

Attackers frequently target private and group communications as a way to gain unauthorized access to enterprise data. Enterprise users appreciate that all of Wickr’s 1:1 and group voice and video calls are completely secured via end-to-end encryption. Outsiders can’t intercept or listen to any private or group calls or use those communications to access enterprise systems, ensuring optimal security even when team members are thousands of miles apart.

Secure Screen Sharing

Along with AWS Wickr’s secure voice and video calling, the platform also offers secure screen sharing for teams and team members. This is particularly useful for team collaboration that requires the sharing of real-time information. Participants in 1:1 or group calls can easily share the contents of their screens with other users using the same end-to-end encryption that secures the calls themselves. This enables users in a private or conference call to work together on documents, whiteboards, and other media without leaving the call.

AWS Wickr’s screen sharing is automatically enabled within all 1:1 and group calls. All a user has to do is answer the Wickr call on their private network and then start screen sharing. 

Secure File Sharing

Users also appreciate the ability to use the AWS Wickr platform to securely share files with other users, directly within the Wickr app. Users can attach and send files up to 5GB in size or “pin” files in a virtual conference room so they can be accessed by both current and future participants in the call. 

AWS Wickr enables users to transfer all types of files – photos, videos, Word and Excel documents, and more. All file sharing is protected by Wickr’s end-to-end encryption, so they can’t be stolen or viewed by unauthorized users.

True End-to-End Encryption

Users know that security is behind everything that Wickr does. AWS Wickr uses end-to-end encryption to secure all of its communications features. This encrypts all messages and data when they’re sent and keeps them encrypted until they have been delivered to the recipients. Only the senders and recipients have the keys to unlock and decrypt messages. End-to-end encryption ensures that messages and data cannot be decrypted by anyone intercepting them at any stage of the process. Wickr’s end-to-end encryption is applied to all enterprise communications, including voice and video calls, group conferences, screenshots, and file transfers. 

Burn-on-Read Technology

Users appreciate and rely on Wickr’s end-to-end encryption, but demand even more security. To that end, AWS Wickr employs burn-on-read technology that automatically deletes messages and files when received and read. Enterprise security teams can adjust AWS Wickr’s Auto Destruct settings to decide whether messages and files are immediately deleted, kept for a set period of time, or stored indefinitely. This burn-on-read feature ensures that no sensitive files remain if a user’s device is lost or stolen.

Secure Data Shredding

How does Wickr securely delete those messages and files? Just hitting the delete key on a device doesn’t actually delete the item — it just hides the information in a way that dedicated hackers can still recover. AWS Wickr makes it more difficult for hackers to recover deleted files by using Secure Shredder technology. This overwrites deleted files with a random series of digital bits which “sanitizes” deleted data and makes it unusable, even if recovered. 

Smart VPN

Finally, many users say that the Wickr Open Access (WOA) “smart” VPN is an essential feature, especially for remote workers. The WOA VPN provides an end-to-end encrypted tunnel across the Internet that users can employ to securely connect to private enterprise networks. Users can use the VPN to send files, messages, and other communications as if they were directly connected to the corporate network. This enables users to conduct secure communications and other business even when they’re connecting via otherwise unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspots.

AWS Wickr: More Than the Sum of Its Parts

All of AWS Wickr’s features combine to create the world’s most robust and secure communications platform. AWS Wickr facilitates safe and secure 1:1 and group communications and collaboration – which makes it a popular choice for enterprises worldwide.