Wickr CEO on Possible Data Stolen in the SolarWinds Attack

Two weeks ago, it was discovered that the SolarWinds systems had been hacked for the past several months, likely by Russian operatives. Initially thought to just affect the Departments of Treasury and Commerce, there seem to be new victims every day. 

More than 425 of the U.S. Fortune 500 companies have been affected, along with all of the top 10 U.S. telecommunications companies and all of the top 5 U.S. accounting firms. All 5 branches of the military have also been affected, along with the Pentagon, State Department, NASA, NSA, USPS, NOAA, Department of Justice, and the Office of the President of the United States.

While we aren’t sure what information the hackers actually attained, there is a high probability that extremely sensitive intelligence was uncovered. In an interview with Fox News discussing what information could have been stolen, Wickr CEO Joel Wallenstrom said, “There can be really significant things — whatever was sent in email, whatever attachments were there, whatever sort of files exist — those are accessible.” For the full news piece, watch the video below:

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