Wickr How To: Start & Join a Call

Wickr enables users to hold end-to-end encrypted voice or video calls with multiple recipients within rooms, or one-on-one calls within direct messages.

To start a call, click the phone icon in the top menu. The other members in the room will receive a notification to join the call.

The participants of the call will be displayed along the bottom, and the user that is currently speaking will be displayed in the main window.

If you ever leave a call and need to rejoin, simply click on the call message in the room where the call was started.

To enable your camera for video conferencing, click on the video icon in the top menu. Additionally, you can mute or unmute your microphone using the microphone icon in the same menu.

During a call, your audio and video settings can be accessed in the settings menu on the call screen. Here you can choose which microphone, speakers, or camera you want to use.

Thanks for using Wickr Pro. Be sure to visit support.wickr.com for additional assistance and technical details.

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