Wickr Messenger Launches on Mac, Windows, and Linux

Wickr Messenger is now available on Mac, Windows and Linux computers in addition to Apple and Android mobile devices. This is the first desktop communication app to seamlessly incorporate perfect forward secrecy, picture, video and voice sharing. All messages are now synced across multiple devices on both desktop and mobile. The Wickr app is free and takes less than a minute to get started at wickr.com.

Wickr Messenger is made for your best friends and family.

I suggest inviting your top ten friends first. Wickr is ad free and collects no information on you or your friends. You chose how long and where your messages and pictures live. Furthermore, you fully own and control your messages and contacts. This is not true with messages, pictures and contact information you share on SMS, email, Snapchat, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Wickr Desktop Features:
  • Communicate – send text, picture, voice and video messages
  • Cross Platform – Mac, Windows and Linux computers, Apple and Android mobile devices
  • Easy – get started in sixty seconds, much easier than email
  • Ad Free – never encounter ads, we know nothing about you
  • Connect – connect with contacts without Wickr seeing your address book
  • Groups – chat with groups of up to 10
  • Control – decide who sees what, where and for how long
  • Own – retain ownership of messages and media you share
  • Private – messages and contacts not shared with strangers, recorded or stored
  • Encrypted – use perfect forward secrecy and multi-layer encryption with AES256, ECDH521
  • Locked – first desktop messaging app to bind each message to the hardware of the receiving device
  • No Metadata – first desktop messaging app to automatically delete location, time, device identification, headers, and who is talking to whom, when and how often
  • Anonymous – first desktop messaging app to give us no information about you or your friends
  • Self-Destruct – first desktop messaging app to include a self-destruct timer
  • Shredder – first desktop messaging app to forensically wipe the deleted files from your entire computer hard drive and RAM
  • No Metadata – first desktop messaging app that automatically deletes location, time, device identification

Wickr messages meet top-secret standards through perfect forward secrecy because only your device has the key and a different key is used for each message. As we regularly say here at Wickr – every database will be hacked. That is why we build our technology with a zero-knowledge system* so your data would never get in the wrong hands. In launching Desktop, we wanted to provide the same level of privacy as our mobile app so your information is safe no matter the platform consumers’ use.