AWS Wickr Available on AWS Marketplace

New York, NY — March 04, 2020 – Wickr Inc. announced today that AWS Wickr is now available for purchase on AWS Marketplace. AWS Wickr is known for its strong end-to-end encryption of communications and the ability to securely operate on Zero Trust Networks (ZTN).

Wickr has partnered with Merlin to give AWS customers fast and easy access to AWS Wickr (SaaS) and Wickr Enterprise (Self-Hosted) through AWS Marketplace. AWS Wickr and Wickr Enterprise are the only true secure collaboration platforms that offer end users strong end-to-end encryption and enterprise administrators the ability to deploy at scale in regulated industries.

Key features that customers have come to expect and enjoy from AWS Wickr include:

  • Compliance options for information governance,
  • IT integrations – AD/ADFS, SSO, MDM, etc,
  • Secure direct messaging and group conversations,
  • Secure rooms for projects and teams,
  • Large group collaboration,
  • Secure file sharing and file storage,
  • Secure voice and video calling with screen sharing,
  • Administrative controls,
  • Workflow integration gateway using APIs and BOTs.

“Our global customer base wants to get up and running on AWS Wickr in an instant,” said Joel Wallenstrom, CEO of Wickr. “An easy-to-procure process is critical and AWS Marketplace fills this need. Large organizations are up and running in less than a day and have access to enterprise-level support. AWS Wickr is the fast and easy way to replace shadow consumer messaging systems that leave IT organizations out of compliance and intellectual property vulnerable to adversaries. With the support of Merlin and the addition of Wickr to AWS Marketplace, we are better positioned to fulfill the global need for a secure collaboration platform built explicitly to keep out adversaries.”

With its increasing dominance in the secure communications field, WickrPro has made a leap forward in the company’s ability to provide secure communications anywhere, anytime, on any platform. As country-specific data-privacy laws continue to flood the global data control market, Wickr is uniquely positioned to be the solution for secure collaboration and communication.

AWS Wickr and Wickr Enterprise AWS listings are now live!  You can access them here:   

About Wickr:

Wickr’s mission is to secure the world’s most critical communications. Wickr provides the highest standard of encryption trusted by millions worldwide. In the workplace and out in the field, Wickr enables end users to communicate securely and protect their privacy while providing IT organizations the administrative controls needed to deploy at scale and provides flexible options and controls for information governance and compliance for regulated industries. To learn more, visit

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