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Wickr Product Update (version 5.20)

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Wickr is constantly working to improve the user experience, whether you use WickrPro or WickrMe. We are excited to announce some new features included with Version 5.20.

The biggest change is the addition of File Pinning. In WickrPro, room moderators can now “pin” previously shared files to a room. These files are persistent for the life of the room (or until unpinned by a moderator) and are available to new room participants without having to re-share. This feature applies to group conversations as well, in both WickrPro and WickrMe.

For WickrPro users using iOS, we have changed the way you interact with messages. Instead of swiping a message to delete, star, or recall a message, iOS users should now use a long press. We’ve introduced this change for more flexibility with adding message interactions, like file pinning.

As always, we’re squashing bugs as we find them. We hope you enjoy the latest versions of WickrPro and WickrMe!

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