Wickr and Psiphon Launch a Global Secure Open Access Capability

Wickr and Psiphon Launch a Global Secure Open Access CapabilityThe combination of Wickr’s encrypted communications platform and Psiphon’s global infrastructure ensures global corporations have seamless security and accessibility anywhere – even when networks are compromised, restricted or degraded.

Today, Wickr and Psiphon are launching Wickr Open Access (WOA), a global first, enabling our users to connect seamlessly via end-to-end secure communications and ensuring that no matter where they are in the world their messages, calls and files get through. WOA allows individuals, teams and global enterprises to leverage Wickr’s state of the art encryption on top of Psiphon’s innovative approach to high assurance networking.

In today’s world, end users are rarely aware of the networks across which their data is transmitted. Sometimes networks are restricted, other times they are degraded or monitored. With WOA, users can be certain that their data is secure in transit, their critical communications make it to the intended recipients and no service provider – including Wickr – has access to end user data. 

Wickr is excited to partner with Psiphon, a recognized leader in countering worldwide traffic restrictions. Together, we are equipping business executives, global enterprises, diplomats, NGOs, journalists, and government officials with reliable, secure, and encrypted messaging, file sharing, calling and video-conferencing. Secure collaboration, without service disruptions, has become priority number one for enterprises.

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Wickr Open Access & Why We Built It
As a larger and larger amount of work becomes integrated into modern messaging platforms, the security and reliability of these platforms become critically important from a business continuity perspective. How can teams that are increasingly global operate with no limitations no matter where they are? How can IT and compliance teams ensure corporate data is protected to the high standards of GDPR while also meeting regulatory requirements? To solve this challenge, we have built WOA into Wickr. Wickr and Psiphon have leveled the playing field by providing an affordable end-to-end protected collaboration tool for security-conscious organizations of all sizes and in all locations.

WOA is designed to mirror today’s workforce that is traveling and collaborating across the globe and needs to protect business IP, sensitive data, and critical enterprise deals from information security threats and data breaches. Regardless of where our users find themselves, our mission is to keep them and their critical business communications connected and protected.

Psiphon has worked on an open access infrastructure over the past decade to ensure it is agile and responsive to emerging restrictions, blacklists and traffic blocking methods. This approach allows Psiphon to balance the load within its global server network, bringing connectivity and access to critical technologies anywhere. It is this approach that makes Psiphon the perfect partner for Wickr.

“The new Wickr(R) Open Access feature relies on multiple techniques and thousands of servers across the world. Think of it as a “smart VPN” that relies on an agile and smart access engine that optimizes the Wickr app to keep the best connection among many servers launched at once, as opposed to relying on a single domain front.” – Michael Hull, President of Psiphon

Seamless Security & Accessibility Anywhere
By adding WOA as a built-in feature to our vetted encrypted communications platform, users no longer have to deploy multiple tools to access information and protect their critical data. Both the unrestricted access and end-to-end encrypted collaboration features are seamlessly available in one single app. When integrated with a corporate SSO mechanism, users can instantly have end to end encrypted messaging, file transfer and calling that is always available and the corporate IT department can have the control and availability it needs when deploying to a global user base.

We will be rolling out WOA to our entire global user community over the next several weeks, starting with our enterprise customers on Wickr today.

As always we are eager to hear about your user experience and needs, please reach out to support@wickr.com or business@wickr.com.