Wickr’s Enterprise Platform Available to Global Legal Community Through the Reynen Court Marketplace

In an effort to advance the availability of Wickr’s first-in-class, end-to-end encrypted collaboration platform, we’ve partnered with Reynen Court to deliver our Enterprise offering to its extensive consortium of leading global law firms. Wickr Enterprise is now featured in the Reynen Court Solution Store and will be available for law firms and corporate legal departments globally to deploy to their chosen infrastructure through the Reynen Court platform.

This partnership is central to accelerating Wickr’s mission of providing organizations with the tools needed to secure the most critical of communications, including corporate intellectual property. The Wickr Enterprise platform enables complete compliance with stringent and complex regulations, eliminating the threat posed by non-compliance and consumer collaboration platforms. Wickr will enable lawyers around the world to safely communicate and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders without the risk of a breach caused by poor security measures or less secure platforms like email or text. Wickr’s encrypted technology is suited for all highly regulated industries.

“Wickr Enterprise is a natural fit for our marketplace and our clients,” said Christian Lang, Head of Strategy at Reynen Court. “Like other industries, over the course of the past year, legal was thrust abruptly into a new reality of distributed work.  Not only is it now imperative that firms and corporations provide their lawyers with a flexible suite of modern communications tools, but they must do so in a way that completely and truly secures their most sensitive advice, work product, and privileged exchanges.  Wickr does exactly that by enhancing security protocols and securing teams’ communications without compromising compliance or control. We’re excited to feature Wickr Enterprise on our platform and look forward to our continued partnership.”