Wickr Enterprise: Unrivaled Data Protection, Business Collaboration and Regulatory Compliance

The proliferation of mobile devices, explosive growth of business and personal data, and service providers’ reliance on holding, sharing and monetizing this information has made data protection a nearly impossible mission. Regulated companies and political institutions are attacked and compromised daily and their communications are among the top targets for state and non-state attackers.

Regulatory requirements to retain data and communications can be daunting, especially in BYOD environments. Some organizations have gone so far as to ban the use of personal devices and conduct business in the one place proven to be least secure – email. Others embrace mobile computing but use technology built such that adversaries have easy access to critical data. In essence, placating regulators has pushed organizations to either refuse next generation innovations or use new products built to provide access to, but not protection of, user data… and data at rest is data at risk.

“In protecting critical data & communications, people are finally realizing that expiring messages is safer than JUST encrypting them.”

— Dan Kaminsky, Information Security Expert

Blog Data Collaboration ImageWickr Enterprise combines the privacy, security and data minimization of our free consumer and business SaaS apps with a compliance service that gives regulated organizations the ability to retain communications when necessary. Wickr Enterprise is deployed on-premise, or in a dedicated cloud environment to give total control to the customer. With Wickr Enterprise, companies proactively enforce information governance policies to ensure that no conversation lives beyond its useful life on end points. The majority of communications don’t need to live forever on providers’ servers for them to monetize or on end user devices for attackers to breach. Wickr is simply a smarter way to do business and manage risk in regulated environments.

Teams doing critical work in business, security, government, R&D and other areas now choose to use math to protect data rather than rely on overstressed technical teams or trust the good intentions of service providers. Millions of Wickr customers encrypt communications and data proactively, set expiration time to maintain good security hygiene, and verify participants in high-target conversations.

Wickr Enterprise was built to enable both compliance and data protection so that our most important institutions can deploy next generation defense capabilities to defend against their most advanced adversaries. Sensitive communication systems across our democratic institutions, critical enterprises and infrastructure require the strongest protection possible. Wickr Enterprise and its Compliance Service are engineered to meet any record retention, auditing, and data security requirements for regulated industries. It is specifically designed to enable organizations to enforce transparency and accountability in compliance with statutory data retention standards (i.e. FINRA, PRA, FRA, FOIA) while ensuring maximum security of high-target communications.

“Data at rest equals data at risk. If your corporate data lives on too many devices or someone else’s cloud, your enterprise is at risk. If your critical business information and transactions are in email, your organization is at risk. Whether you are a government or a financial institution, Wickr Enterprise means both – immutable audit and data protection, so you are not at risk and in compliance.”

— Gilman Louie, Alsop Louie Partners

Wickr Enterprise is by design deployed and operated by the customer’s own security and IT teams, and on their own infrastructure. Wickr remains outside of the self-hosted enterprise networks and never holds access to keys or content for stronger data security. All communications are encrypted and ephemeral on the end user devices to protect against compromise or theft, while allowing for integrations with industry’s leading archiving systems to maintain safe, auditable and immutable record keeping. You can learn more about Wickr Enterprise and its record retention capability here.

Wickr’s messaging protocol which powers all of our platforms is vetted by top security researchers and open for public review.